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Plus One Coin (PLUS1) is a social media cryptocurrency where users can up-vote content and other social media.
How PlusOneCoin Works:

Download the PLUS1 Wallet For Mac or Windows

Mine PLUS1 or Purchase on an Exchange

Get Rewarded For Your Posts On Your Favorite Websites

Reward Other Users and Empower a Community

What is PlusOneCoin:

This bitcoin-like currency enables content providers and platform owners to monetize their social media sites while giving their audience more power to affect the social media content they consume. Blockchain technology enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and PlusOneCoin (+1 coin).

Plus One Coins can be bought, swapped, given or mined by users just like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Mining is a computer process any computer can run that creates coins for a user to spend.

A social media user has a PlusOneCoin wallet with crypto coins in it that they can spend on content, appreciating content providers, fellow users on the website by up voting or highlighting themselves.

With the magic of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology anyone can have a piece of the PLUS1 money supply by simply using their personal computer to mine this Cryptocurrency. PlusOneCoin is easy to use, tradable (between wallet holders) and you can mine it on any personal computer. Coming soon to your favourite community websites!
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